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Storage Squared Micro Storage

Small Item Storage Solution

Durable Storage Durable Materials
Marine-grade Plastic or Brushed Aluminum Panels match your home's style.

Cabinetry Storage Cabinetry Friendly
Smart-Plugs? on cabinetry allow integration of all Micro-Storage? accessories.

Macro Storage Compatible Macro-Storage? Compatibility
Many Micro-Storage? accessories are compatible with Macro-Storage? Rail.

Tool Storage Specialized Storage
With tool-specific hooks and holders, you'll always know where everything is.

Unique Storage Multiuse
There's no limit to the organizational uses for Micro-Storage? accessories.

Easy Installation Concealed Installation
Featuring 4" centers and self-furring backs, Plastic Panels are weather resistant and can be cut to size.

Extreme innovation for all of life?s littlest details! No more searching for the right tool or fastener ? Micro-Storage? accessories organize all of your smaller automotive, gardening and cleaning supplies and hand tools.

Specialized organization featuring stable, snap-in hooks, shelves, bins and tool holders allows you to create a customized environment with Storage Squared?s Micro-Storage? accessories.

Micro ONE Plastic
SKU# S2-6010

Micro ONE Aluminum
SKU# S2-6011

Micro TWO Plastic
SKU# S2-6012

Micro TWO Aluminum
SKU# S2-6013

Micro THREE Plastic
SKU# S2-6014
Micro THREE Aluminum
SKU# S2-6015
Plastic Panels
SKU# S2-5047

Aluminum Panel
SKU# S2-5048

Narrow Aluminum Panel
SKU# S2-5028
Towel Holder
SKU# S2-5045

20" 2-Tier Large Shelf
SKU# S2-5016

16" Small Shelf
SKU# S2-5010

16" Multi-Tool Shelf
SKU# S2-5009
Pencil Holder
SKU# S2-5004

Hammer Holder
SKU# S2-5008

Literature Holder
SKU# S2-5020

Pliers Holder
SKU# S2-5040

16" Magnetic Tool Rail
SKU# S2-5046
Clear Small Hanging Parts Bin
SKU# S2-5013

Clear Large Hanging Parts Bin
SKU# S2-5014

Small Open Parts Bin
SKU# S2-5042

Large Open Parts Bin
SKU# S2-5043

Extra Large Open Parts Bin
SKU# S2-5044
Deep Wire Basket
SKU# S2-5018

Narrow Wire Basket
SKU# S2-5019
Pin Hook
SKU# S2-5007

Small "J" Hook
SKU# S2-5006

Large "J" Hook
SKU# S2-5005

Long "J" Hook
SKU# S2-5041

16" Multi-Hook Rail
SKU# S2-5017

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